Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#1 The Serpent And The Rose

So I know I was reading Green by Jay Lake but I like to juggle books so I started and finished reading The Serpent and the Rose by Kathleen Bryan.

I liked this book. I was a quick read and a good high fantasy book that wasn't male centric. I liked that this book had an almost egalitarian quality to all of it's characters. The two main characters Geraint and Averil relied on each other for support equally. There is also this duality with earth and high magic and the debate over which was is better and more powerful. The underlying christian mythology was a bit of a curve ball but it didn't bother me enough to stop reading. It wasn't telling me to be a christian, it was just using the bible story as a plot device. Unexpected. The pacing as a little inconsistent in a weird way for me but that was really it's biggest flaw. I think I will definitely be reading the other books in the series. Overall I would rate this book a 3.5 stars. So good but not my most favorite book ever.

I'm almost finished Green and I will probably post my review in the next few days. I like to try and keep most things short and sweet.

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